The Advantages of Blogging

Why do some create blogs and why do others read them?
This is actually an interesting question since its answer covers the very working principle behind the entire phenomenon. First, we are not far from the truth when saying that bloggers are very much like journalists or columnists, and that the material we find on blogs is very often much more interesting than that in the media thanks to the personal touch we as writers include in our articles. Furthermore we cannot ignore the interactive dimension of blogs, which is probably the greatest advantage in itself: comment boxes for immediate responses, links to documented materials, videos and pictures turn the blog into a magic puzzle.

Blogging is fantastic: no argument to that! Not only is it popular with people of all ages but it also makes one feel like blending in. You get an idea of what people appreciate in your writing, you get to comment and actually live some events of public interest. Also, you have the chance to speak up your mind. Everything you post on your blog, every piece of original material is achieved and easily accessible when you need it; many would-be writers actually take blogging very seriously since they are offered the opportunity of getting things into print without the intermediary of another publication, not to mention, having the opportunity to make money online.

Many blogs offer the advantage of a debate area (usually the comment section) where you’ll find all sorts of opinions: don’t get angry if the feed-back is not always the one you’ve hoped for, points of view are not only personal, but could also differ from each other, and they should not hurt your feelings. It’s within your power to take things like that. Then, we should also mention the popularity and promotional advantages that are specific to a blog; just like niches, small business blogs create the proper environment for the easy reach of targeted Internet users.

Many business owners have discovered that blogs are the perfect way to regularly keep in touch with customers and even employees, since these web pages function as online journals and an excellent means of communication, that are very frequently updated. The advantage that blogs clearly have above other sites is that they express something peculiar in that most of them are active or dynamic in many ways whereas the other “classic” web sites are definitely static, and much more complicated to update frequently. Without a doubt the voice of the writer is the element that makes a blog unique and interesting at the same time!

What do you think? Do you have a different point-of-view regarding the advantages of blogging. What about the possibilities of blogging for money?