Article Marketing – Reasons Why People Don’t Use It’s Power?

Article MarketingYou’ll almost never find an internet marketer building a business without using the tools available to leverage time and money. Especially those tools that are cheap or free.

So why are so few online marketers taking advantage of the power of article marketing?

After all, here’s a traffic generator that’s easy to get going, is a proven marketing technique, and is basically one of the most powerful free tools available.

After talking to hundreds of people who are interested in article marketing I’ve come up with a list of the top three reasons why people aren’t giving this online marketing tool a fair shot. And I’m going to do my best to blast all those excuses out of the water.

Reason 1. I’m not a writer. That’s the biggy, the one that keeps more people from using article marketing than all others combined. But I have some great news for you — and I’m serious about this — you don’t need to be a Hemingway, a Joyce, or even a Grisham to write a good article. While being a “writer” certainly will give you a head start, creating an article that will drive traffic to your web site can be as simple as following a formula, or template.

With step-by-step instructions anyone can write an article. if you can write your spouse a note letting them know to pick up one of the kids from sports practice, you have all the skills needed.

Reason 2. Takes too long to get traffic. I’m not sure whether we should blame the microwave oven or instant rice, but we really want things right freakin’ now, don’t we? And while most article marketing experts won’t claim it’s a quick marketing technique, it also doesn’t have to take weeks or months to start getting traffic.

In fact, many people have seen newly published articles getting indexed on the front page of Google in a matter of hours. While it may not be “turn on the faucet” fast like Pay-Per-Click, you also don’t have to pay for every single visitor you get.

The nice thing about article marketing is that it will continue to bring in traffic for months and even years after you publish your article.

Reason 3. Not sure what to do with an article even if I had one. This is probably the easiest objection to blast to smithereens because the learning curve for article marketing is about curb-high. There is no secret — it’s about as above-board as you can get in internet marketing.

There are some shortcuts you can take that will help your business — and some shortcuts that you should definitely avoid. But as long as you can follow someone who knows what they’re doing you’ll be generating traffic using articles in no time at all.

If your reason for skipping out on article marketing to promote your product or service is listed above, I hope you take to heart what I wrote. It’s not rocket science. It can be done step-by-step. And the new visitors coming to your web site from the articles you write will make you a believer.

And more profitable!

Post courtesy of Jay Jennings.