Network Marketing: Rules About SPAM

This post courtesy of Angela Brooks

What is SPAM?

SPAM definition is:the act of sending unsolicited messages to a large number of people regarding the same content. The most common form of SPAM is via the use of email. Since it is so easy to collect large numbers of email and it costs so little to send those emails, spamming seems to be a great way to market.There are rules to follow in Network Marketing, Rules about Spam

Using an opt-in email marketing system is one way to avoid being perceived as a spammer. This way you can be sure that you are only sending your information out to those who have asked to receive it. This can save a lot of headache for you and your network marketing prospects in the long run.I personally use i-contact

The fact is SPAM it may also be a violation of your distributor agreement, your affiliate agreement, as well as a violation of the law itself – is it just a bad way to market

Spamming can get you into a lot of trouble.

A distributor is considered a network marketing spammer when he or she uses SPAM for the purposes of marketing a product that uses network marketing as a distributor channel or a network marketing business opportunity.

Consequences of SPAM?

A list of things that can happen if your caught spamming

1. Your message can be deleted – the least of the evils – or flagged as spam.

2.You can get rather ugly emails back from the person that you have spammed. or from the business opportunity

3. Your account can be deleted with the community your in.

4. Your Internet service can be shut down – and your email service that your using.

5. The marketing or MLM company that you are working with can terminate your account/affiliate

6. The very worst case is you can be arrested, fined or sued.

It is just not worth the risk of spamming. If you want to market your business there are to many ways to attract business the right way. Don’t lower your self to be a piece of spam

Learning a new skill of Attraction Marketing may take some time – and you will go through a learn curve to do it the right way – but in the end it will be worth it and you will be perceived with great value instead of laying in someone’s delete box never to be found.

Did you know that there is Blog SPAM. This is where you visit someones blog – and blatantly post a “comment” about their business or their opportunity instead of talking about the topic that is posted on that blog. Blog comments are not the place to promote your business – it is a place to add value and share your views. Which gives value to who you are – and what you say.

Don’t be tacky – Spam stinks in the can – and in your email box. Be a leader and show others how to be attractive in your business.