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Most of the time webmasters focus on optimizing their website for Google & Yahoo search engine and ignores the third most important search engine. MSN is the third important search engine amongst the major search engines. In order to be successful on the web, you should focus on MSN as well.

Generally, for all search engines SEO guidelines are same although, during the creation of the search engine the majority of the principles of optimization that were used won’t surprise professional participants in the on-line market, it is necessary to note several invisible at first glance differences in the optimization requirements for MSNBot, because of which the search engine can possibly be considered unique in its kind.

You can increase the website visibility using various techniques but Microsoft has gone on the record to stress the importance of a well designed, optimized website. The software giant even went on to say that you may want to consider hiring a reputable SEO firm to boost your chances of being properly indexed by the MSN search engine. This makes perfect sense as the MSNBot, Microsoft’s aptly named search engine spider, is attracted to web pages that are easy to read and navigate.

Hiring SEO services is not always possible for everyone, so we have provided some important tips for optimizing and creating your websites impression on MSN search engine.

* Along with Google and Yahoo focus properly on your incoming links anchor text, so that MSN indexes more web pages of your site than other search engines to get higher ranking pages quickly in MSN search engine.
* As per the Microsoft guidelines for site owners, it is essential for MSN that you use well-formed HTML code and ensure that your site doesn’t contain any broken links.
* Create a robots.txt file to control how MSNBot indexes your site; using a robots.txt file is important for other crawlers, too.
* Put descriptive content near the top of each web page and make sure each web page has a clear topic and purpose.
* Don’t forget to add your website description into a Meta Description Tag. If you change your content, update your website description immediately.
* Contents are king for MSN; limit all pages and pictures to a maximum size of 150KB. Adding a sitemap enables MSNBot to find all of your pages easily.
* Don’t use the irrelevant words on your loading web pages to increase a page’s keyword density and avoid using hidden text or links, MSN might consider it as a spam and may remove you from their index.
* MSN is a very content and keyword sensitive search engine and if you focus more on to your keywords and content, in return you may get good search engine rankings by MSN Search.

On-page optimization is very much important for Google and Yahoo search engines, but increasing your website visibility in MSN search engine can help you attract good amount of targeted traffic and your ranking will improve in other search engines as well.

This post is a courtesy of Robin Dale. He is the webmaster for the SEO|SEM|UK Web Hosting.


  1. Charles says:

    Hello There. I am no blogger but I do want to be updated on everything SEO related. While MSN lags in popularity behind its competitors, it is still an important engine that should not be ignored. Great post

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    Thanks Charles for visiting. Hope to see more from you here in the future.