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Are you tired of watching dribs and drabs of traffic flow in from your article marketing? All article marketers know that EzineArticles is kind — its said to be the most important article directory to post your works. We hear endless stories of people who are attracting huge tidal waves of traffic from articles posted to this directory.

We don’t hear much from the people who have slaved away, written and published good articles with great content — but are only attracting a few scattered bits of traffic for all their hard work.

There is a reason for it. The people who are getting the great traffic understand a couple of key concepts that the others are missing. Perhaps they “got it right” by accident, or perhaps they fully understood what to do get the traffic that the others desire to strongly.

Two Key Ways to Make EzineArticles Work for You

There are really only two things you must understand and do to master eZineArticles. However, you must understand these two things very well indeed.

1. The article must be keyword optimized. This means you must identify both your short tail and long tail keywords and include these keywords strategically throughout the article.

It’s not enough to through these keywords in willy nilly. They must occur in the right places in the article and they must be just enough to attract Google and the other search engines, but not enough that the search engines believe you are keyword spamming.

Get this right and Google will send hoards of traffic to your articles published at Get it wrong, and you will continue to see the traffic trickle that you see now.

2. Your article must contain content that humans want to read. Now you’ve got it right in terms of attracting the Google Kiss, the next step is to write in such a way that these viewers are compelled to click through your link and go to your web site.

There’s a skill to writing that way. However, you can learn this skill easily enough. Essentially, it involves following what we call the AIDA formula.

A-Attention. You attract the reader’s attention with a killer headline.

I – Interest. You generate interest by appealing to the readers’ emotions or ego. You suggest that the product or service you are leading up to will ultimately remove pain or provide pleasure.

D – Desire. After creating interest, you help the viewer begin to desire the product or service. This is the place to discuss facts and figures, supporting research, guarantees, testimonials, etc.

A – Action. This is the call to action. A well written call to action encourages the viewer to provide your Most Wanted Response. In other words, you identify what you most want the viewer to do and encourage them to do it. This could be clicking through to your web site, watching a sales video, signing up for an email list or making a purchase. At EzineArticles, your call to action is usually done in your signature that occurs at the bottom of each article.

EzineArticles will reject any article that does not observe its Terms of Use. You must familiarize yourself with those terms, and write accordingly. Your article can and will be banned if eZineArticles human editors decide it is a thinly veiled sales pitch. However, you have complete freedom in your signature, so use it wisely.

This article written by June Campbell

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