5 Tips To Landing Page Optimization

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It’s important to pre-sell your affiliate product beforehand and you can do this by optimizing your landing page. Thus, the look and feel of your landing page is very important. Since you want your visitor to do click on your affiliate link and do nothing else, you must always keep your landing page free from all distraction. Here are some tips that you can use to improve your landing page and ultimately, increase your income.

Is Your Site Content Relevant?

To have successful marketing campaign, your selected keywords, product and audiences must be in sync with the content in your landing page. This is because relevant content draws in more relevant visitors and they are more likely to purchase from you. You must make sure that your content is related to the product that you are promoting. If your affiliate product is baby care lotion, then “baby care tips” or “caring for baby skin” must be the content on your webpages. Never sell something that is not related to your landing page, like a health product on a electronic page.

Be Direct

Clarity is important because no visitor wants to guess what your landing page is all about. If your visitor has to guess what your landing page is all about, then you have not optimized your page fully. You must keep your content specific and direct to the point. People leaves your site immediately when they don’t know what it is all about.

Keep Your Headline Strong

The headline is the most important aspect of your landing page. It will determines whether your audiences will stay and read more or turn around and goes away. Stir your reader’s emotion with your headline and entice them in to read more. Use your headline to display to biggest benefits your visitors are looking for, but also make them simple and easy to understand.

Focus On The Benefits

Another important key to successful landing page optimization is product benefits. First, you need to highlight the major benefits. Then use the benefits to tell them how great their lives will be, after using the product. And you must tell it in such a way that touches their emotions. When they are clear about the benefits, you are more likely to buy from you.

Do not confuse product benefits with features, they are two entirely different things. Features are about what the product does and benefits are the things that your client gets when he use your product. Focus on the benefits more than features because they will improve your sales conversion far better than features.

Have Clean and Professional Website

A sloppy website will not look good and will not gain trust from visitors. You have to make sure that your landing page looks as professional as possible. Use these simple rules for designing your website:

* Fonts must be Verdana and Arial, and sizes from 10 to 14
* Have background in brighter colour and text in darker colour
* Use 3 columns page
* Keep all the links in standard blue text
* Put images of the promoting product on your web page
* Check your content fully for spelling and grammatical mistakes

There are thousands of affiliate landing pages, but most of them are poorly optimized. So, when their product don’t sell online, they wander why. After that, they figure that this is doom to fail and try something else. You can’t let this stop you. Just optimize your landing page and dramatically increase your sales by following the advices above.