Twitter Secrets and Tricks to Make Twitter Work for You

When I first started using Twitter to be quite honest, I tried not to ‘waste’ too much time on it because I just couldn’t see how I could make it work for me and my marketing business, until I did some of the training provided to me through my company back office. This article will save you loads of Twitter time and help you get the right followers to share tweets with while keeping a professional Twitter page at no cost.

For a start, when choosing your username it is recommended to use your name to enable people to find you on Twitter. If you decide not to use your name try to be original and savvy, and the username you choose should match your username on other sites used by you for your business. This way people will recognise you and your business by this name and will easily find you on all your sites and when Googled, all your information will be found with one search.

You can get Twitter backgrounds at little or no cost to you which look neat and professional, this can make a big difference to your Twitter account and the respect you receive from followers. Try these Twitter background sites (free) and (customised).

You are limited to a small amount of words so make the most of what you have when writing your profile. Your Twitter profile is to tell people who you are, what you do, what you are about and what your hobbies are. Let your personality and character shine through.

Use a nice, smiley picture with a happy, positive face to represent yourself. Try not to use a picture of something else as your profile pic, most users like to see the person behind the account where possible.

Regular tweets (about 10-15 per day) will keep your followers interested and checking back for more. Use the 3 to 1 rule, 3 quality content tweets to 1 ad. Post links to articles you may have written or to your updated blog. If you don’t write articles, post links to other articles which you think may help your followers. Try for scheduled tweets. I normally spend 10 minutes in the morning managing my tweets for the whole day using this feature.

Twitter is not a great asset to you unless you build up your followers and here’s a great way to build up over 1000 quality followers every week! Look for people who are well known in business and MLM and try to follow their followers, add around 200 per day at the most as Twitter can suspend your account if you follow too many at once. Now, most people have auto follow set up so when somebody follows them they automatically follow back. Those who don’t are the ones you want to unfollow. will give you a list of people who aren’t following you back, unfollows Twitter followers who are not following you in return and it does this in a matter of minutes. Oh, and if you want to auto follow your followers as well, has this option when you are setting up your account.

It is a good idea to add quality followers and also unfollow people who don’t follow you back every day this takes about 15 minutes to do every morning.

I hope these tips help save you time and make good usage of Twitter. When you are in the routine of this articles advice you need only spend half an hour each morning on Twitter which is pretty good for a free marketing strategy which has the potential to bring you lots of new customers.

About the Author: Kelly and Andrew, Australian based internet marketers dedicated to support and guidance for upcoming entrepreneurs.