6 Basic Sem Tips For Improving Your Search Engine Ranks

Improving the ranking of your website in search engines is a difficult and challenging task for all businesses! A “good website” without any traffic is of no use and is ‘no good’ at all. Structuring a search engine marketing strategy that serves this interest and in turn will include successful search engine optimisation techniques is the aim of all companies. Internet visibility and search engine ranking results matter the most for a business that devotes itself to internet presence.

Although the main motive is to cater to the need of traffic in general, a well designed search engine marketing campaign will lead to more mature and participating – quality – traffic. Here is a list of 6 basic search engine marketing tips that you must consider when designing your online marketing strategy

. They will help you improve the visibility of your website in search engines and will give you quality traffic that every business strives for:

1. Make it easy for search engines to find and understand your site by using title tags, meta tags, keywords, search engine friendly URLs. The main motive is to make it as simple as possible. These are optimisation techniques and are character specific. Meta tags are simple to insert but needs some attention while getting stuck to a good tag. Simple, short and content that describes your webpage the best is what preferred.

2. Work on researching the most appropriated keywords to target through your search engine optimisation strategy. There are many tools available online to search for the best performing keywords. Once you choose the keywords to target, make sure they are also present in the content of your site. A good keyword rich content is always respected and rewarded by the search engines.

3. Optimise the images on your website! Optimised images have a great potential to increase your rankings in search engines. They are a good traffic source too. Google Image search sends a good number of visitors to web pages that are well optimised.

4. The content you create and promote must make it easy for influentials to link to your resources.

5. Create your presence on social networks and start engaging with your target audience. The social media is booming and many businesses are accepting it that they get maximum of quality traffic resourced from this social media only. Not just marketing in Facebook and Twitter but by active participation in other social sites can drive active traffic. Bundled with Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing is one such technique that works together for online visibility.

6. Work on your link building: use social networking, discussion boards, forums, directories, article submissions for creating good back links. Going for dofollow links is a good option but again nofollow links too can yield traffic for you. Search engines do not pass on the benefit.

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