Can You Be Your Own Internet Marketing Specialist?

The role of an internet marketing specialist is to drive traffic to a website and to assist with the improvement of conversion rates – converting website visitors to buyers. Some individuals are good at driving traffic and others are good at creating web copy that closes sales. In order to be a full-service internet marketing specialist, you really have to have the skill to do both because enormous amounts of traffic doesn’t matter a bit if that traffic does not result in revenue.

Even so, different people have different talents and one person’s gifts may complement another’s. So, if you have strong skills in one area and not the other, you may need to work with an internet marketing specialist whose strengths compensate for your weaknesses and vice versa. Sometimes an internet marketing team achieves much more than any internet marketing specialist could do alone.

Specific tasks that an internet marketing specialist or team of internet marketers engage in to accomplish the two main purposes of internet marketing – driving traffic and closing sales – include:

  • Brainstorming
  • Market research
  • Identification of target markets and niche markets
  • Competitor analysis
  • Development of products and services
  • Creation of a unique selling proposition
  • Keyword research
  • Identification, analysis and selection of marketing
  • Channels
  • Budgeting
  • Strategic planning and setting of milestones
  • Creation of marketing materials including sales copy
  • Website development
  • Administration of the internet marketing plan
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of the marketing program
  • Continual strengthening and improvement of the marketing
  • Plan and marketing program

Effectively addressing all of these tasks that are necessary for productive internet marketing really requires quite a vast skill set. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses in various areas of internet marketing. It is ideal if you have an internet marketing team made up of individuals that are internet marketing specialists in all of these areas; however, reality is not always ideal. Because it is rare for any one individual to be strong in each of these areas most people need professional assistance from an internet marketing specialist with one or more of the internet marketing tasks.

If you work with an internet marketing specialist or a team of internet marketers, it is vital that everyone on the team communicates clearly and effectively. With clear communication the results from specific internet marketing tasks can be integrated to create a strong, effective internet marketing program that produces significant results in regard to driving traffic and generating revenues.In order to determine whether or not you are capable of being your own internet marketing expert rather than contracting your internet marketing tasks to an internet marketing specialist or

an internet marketing firm, do an honest analysis of your skills as they relate to the fifteen internet marketing tasks mentioned previously. In reviewing them, you are sure to find some that you feel confident about and some that cause uncertainty. If you are not comfortable with your own internet marketing knowledge and skills, you may choose to hire an internet marketing specialist to complete the tasks you are uneasy about, or you may choose to pursue training or education to enhance your knowledge of internet marketing and strengthen your own skills.

With desire, drive, time and perseverance, just about anyone can become an internet marketing specialist. To be an effective internet marketing specialist you must be willing to learn from others as well as learning from your own mistakes. As you gain experience in internet marketing, you will naturally develop expertise and as time marches on you will undoubtedly feel more comfortable with tasks that seem complex at first and you will definitely gain self-confidence as you experience the positive effects of your internet marketing efforts.

Author: Christopher J Enders (