Creating Your Own Affiliate Program Made Easy

Do you sell products or services? Are you looking for different channels to market the same? The answer to this question is probably obvious and most likely you are already familiar with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you as a merchant work together with affiliates who will be promoting your product in accordance with your specifications. If they make a sale you in turn will pay them a commission. These affiliates are your own “virtual” salesman. The good thing about this is that you avoid fixed cost and all you have to do is either find an affiliate network where you can join or have your own affiliate management program.

There are many affiliates networks that you can join to market your products. If you sell digital products, one of the most popular is ClickBank. Other networks, are Commission Junction, Google’s Affiliate Network, just to name a few. These are good alternatives, you might say, but have you considered also running your own “direct” affiliate marketing?

Up until now, the main problem with doing it on your own is because of the management work this type of channels entails. Ideally you will have a software that will do all the management of your affiliates, providing them with all the marketing material, tracking sales, generating stats and all that. Solutions like these where before very expensive and hence the reason many opted to use third party networks. Those days are gone and now, with a minimal investment, you can have your own affiliate program management software.

Enter, iDevDirect, your own affiliate tracking software. Adding affiliate tracking software to your site is one of the most effective ways to achieve more sales, more traffic and more search engine ranking! Our affiliate software installs in just minutes and through the use of Smarty Templates, easily integrates into your existing website.

The Industry Leader
Since 1999, iDevAffiliate is the original in self managed affiliate software! iDevAffiliate was hand coded from scratch by the same team that provides your technical support! iDevAffiliate is not a product we’re reselling for someone else and it isn’t something we’ve pieced together from several other lesser quality products.

No Monthly Fees! No Monthly Fees! 1 Year of Free Upgrades! Your License Never Expires!
Your License Never Expires! One Year of Free Upgrades! You Own It! You own it, you host it, you manage it!

Key Features
iDevAffiliate literally has thousands of features, functions and configuration combinations. That it is very difficult to list them all here. Most prominent features include:

  • Built-In Affiliate Marketing
  • Extensive PayOut options
  • Cart Integration Wizard
  • Affiliate cPanel and Stats
  • Advanced Security Features

Anyway, as I said, features are just too many and best way to get familiar with them is to just head over there and not only see all of its features but also to see it in action. The next obvious question is, yeah, how much for all this? Would you believe if I told you that you only need $99 investment for the Standard Edition? Cool! Check iDevDirect and found out why!