Web Hosting: Which One Is Right For You?

Domain names, web hosting and content creation are without a doubt one of the most important factors that an online business owner need to worry about, regardless of the experience one has. Sadly, these three factors often leave people with a lot of confusion as there are several web hosting companies out there offering the […]

Months Later, Bing Users Still Ad-Crazy

Back in July, we looked at how often Bing users clicked on ads when compared to Google and Yahoo! users. Bing users showed a 50% higher ad click rate than Googlers, so at the time our preliminary conclusion was that Bing’s success was being driven in a big part by Microsoft’s huge, expensive advertising blitz. […]

Make Money With Neverblue Affiliate Network

What is Neverblue affiliate network? Neverblue is a premier global performance-based affiliate network that brings together choice affiliates and quality online advertisers as partners through carefully monitored, custom advertising. Neverblue affiliates use a combination of different marketing tactics, including search engine marketing, email marketing, contextual advertising, incentive marketing and banner ads. What makes working with […]

5 Tips To Landing Page Optimization

It’s important to pre-sell your affiliate product beforehand and you can do this by optimizing your landing page. Thus, the look and feel of your landing page is very important. Since you want your visitor to do click on your affiliate link and do nothing else, you must always keep your landing page free from […]

When Branding, Be Consistent

Developing a brand for your business is an important step in becoming a successful entrepreneur. It is particularly important for an online business owner because of the vast amount of competition and how everything is judged on a visual basis before anything else. When someone comes across your website, your ads, your blog posts, social […]